In September 2022, the UN High-Level Champions released a goal for a major breakthrough in the housing sector: that by 2030, 1 billion people have better design, construction and access to finance to live in decent, safe, affordable and climate resilient homes. To reach this goal, policy makers and program implementers will require coordinated and innovative approaches to disaster-resilient housing.

Climate Resilient Housing seeks to champion these initiatives to replicate, scale, and learn from to deliver on this goal and to reach a greater number of people with resilient housing.

City Action to Prevent Loss and Damage in Bogota

 Plan Terrazas, one of the most important housing projects to have been implemented and financed in Latin America, is saving lives and improving infrastructure in the city of Bogota. 

Innovation for Coastal Resilience in Dominica

The Dominica Housing Recovery Project (HRP) is an island-wide project spearheaded by the Government of Dominica and the World Bank designed to replace destroyed houses while building resilience in the housing sector. 

Financing Housing Resilience in the Philippines

Microfinance institutions are changing the way homeowners in the Philippines are able to upgrade their housing. Read more about MFIs and how Build Change is involved in this process of community development.

Adaptation through Densification in Honduras

Since their joint project began in 2021, partners Build Change and the Honduran Red Cross have continued to support vulnerable families and individuals in Honduras.

Wales and Turkey Showcase Housing Resilience Actions at COP26

Watch our COP26 panel, featuring the Mayor of Istanbul and Minister of Wales, on how leaders share their best practices and examples of programs and initiatives on how they are integrating housing sustainability and urban resilience plans, and how other cities can implement and scale resilient housing across the world.